Disposal of rubbish is an important aspect of House Cleaning

November 13, 2015 by maidfirst

No doubt that the household waste is not as toxic as the industrial waste, but then also we cannot ignore it. The germs in this waste give invitation to flies and mosquitoes which breed there with the time. As a result, the population around that area has the risk of getting affected by the diarrhoeal diseases and other viral diseases like dengue, bubonic plague, yellow fever and some other. Thus, cleaning your house is not enough; always make sure that the waste is disposed and is not affecting your health or of the people living around you.

There are number of ways by which you can get your household waste disposed. In many areas there are communities for bringing out the waste disposal of the household material but if there is not any, then there are some efforts that you can do. These efforts will not only protect you from the poisonous chemicals but will also bring a big overhaul in the favour of environment when every person would do something at his own home.

What you can do?

  • The vegetable waste, such as the peelings and leftovers can be used as animals’ feed or as fertilizers for the crops. If nothing works, then put them in the biogas digester.
  • Try to reuse the bottles, bags, containers or whatever you can reuse by washing them. If you need to through these materials then bury them in a pit and cover it.
  • The waste paper material can be used for lightening purposes and if you don’t need it, throw them in the pit along with the plastic material.
  • There are many other waste materials like used batteries, medicines, waste kerosene and other fuel elements which you cannot dump in any water body. These materials should also be dumped into the pit.

The pit where you will dispose your household waste should be at least 20 meters away from the residential area and the water resources. In the case, you are unable to dig a pit, just arrange different trash systems to through the different types of waste separately. Then contact the nearest organisation providing services for waste disposal and get it disposed at regular intervals.

Benefits of rubbish disposal in house cleaning

If you are cleaning your house and throwing all the waste at a site near the residential area then it is more harmful. On the contrary, there are many benefits of household waste disposal:

  • It will protect you from many vital diseases like dengue.
  • The toxic chemicals affect the human health and the atmosphere adversely. Proper waste disposal will reduce the environmental pollution which is beneficial for both humans and the environment.
  • Disposing your household waste will help you save the money that you would need to spend on the treatment in the case of getting infected by it.

In the case you don’t have the proper knowledge and required time to manage the household waste then you can hire the services of professional company as they will not only ensure the waste disposal but also the proper cleaning of your house.